While there are many ways to produce products that are similar to the ones we craft, what makes us different is where our materials come from, how they are cultivated, and whose caring hands they pass through. This means sourcing materials with the least carbon footprint.


Our pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls instead of cotton or wool. Buckwheat is an eco-efficient plant that grows speedily. It asks for little and gives a lot back; its flowers attract beneficial insects and pollinators, it thrives in poor soils, and does not contribute to environmental damage as it is typically cultivated without herbicides or pesticides.


Our pillow inserts are woven from hemp fibers rather than cotton. Hemp threads are more durable and use a lot less of the world’s precious water during production. Scraps of hemp fabric have been discovered at numerous archaeological sites, making it one of the earliest plants used for textiles.


Learn more about our raw materials and craftsmanship here.




We will always aim to work with skilled craftsmen to support smaller communities that thrive from their hands and years of specialist knowledge. We think this is a kind and sustainable way to encourage more people to earn from what they enjoy and take pride in what they do.


Small batch productions also allow us to oversee the quality of every single artwork, without adding to the heavy environmental pollutants emitted by commercial mills.




Our living and working spaces contribute to our broader well-being. We want to decorate inviting spaces with you by offering home decor and accents that will last years and years and years.


The wear and tear of our materials have been extensively researched and tested to ensure durability. Our pieces are also designed to offer optimum function, comfort, and ease of use.