Hello! Glad you found your way here.

Sao was born out of my love for two things: the natural world, and the world of art. My affinity with nature was inspired by the lush tropical backdrops of the Dominican Republic where I spent my early childhood years, and my creative interests were nurtured by the electric overtones of New York City where I grew up.


As I learned more about the technical aspects of commercial design, I realized that factories barely make the mark on environmental regulations, if at all. I want to change this narrative by  supporting local artisans, and encouraging co-creation. 


With the global textile industry being one of the largest contributors to the Earth’s greenhouse gas emissions I believe that providing better alternatives and bringing environmental awareness through my designs can make a subtle but vital difference.


Here at Sao you will find artisanal home decor crafted from ethically-sourced materials and traceable origins. I want to be as transparent as possible and you can learn more about our sourcing and production on our Blog.


I wish you a pleasant shopping experience!